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Skin Protection

DermaGuard - Effective all over skin protection for all the family!

Discover what thousands of people already know – DermaGuard provides effective, all-over skin protection for all the family, at home, in the workplace, sport and leisure. It makes a REAL difference!

DermaGuard is one of THE most effective skin protection products on the market, providing superb protection for your skin from hundreds of everyday harmful materials. At the same time, it moisturises, keeping your skin soft and supple.

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Protection in the home against:

  • constant exposure to water
  • detergents and harsh soaps
  • bleaches
  • ammonia
  • disinfectants
  • oven, drain and surface cleaners
  • scouring products
  • the clinging effect of odours such as onions, garlic and fish
  • the irritating effects of make-up

Sport & recreation: protection against:

  • the effects of salt water and chlorine
  • the drying and chapping effects of wind and weather
  • the abrasive effects of clothing during walking, running, cycling etc.

DIY: protection against:

  • cement
  • lime
  • paints, thinners and fillers
  • sand
  • oils and greases
  • resins
  • caustic chemicals
  • adhesives

Hobbies & crafts: protection against:

  • clays
  • paints
  • adhesives
  • acrylics
  • drying agents
  • dyes
  • chemicals in wools and cottons
  • nickel allergy (needles, pins, thimble)

Protection in the garden against:

  • dirt
  • plant sap
  • fertilisers
  • mulch
  • insecticides
  • weed-killers
  • wood preservatives
  • pool chemicals
  • water

DermaGuard also protects in the workplace and helps prevent Contact Dermatitis caused by the constant wearing of latex and rubber gloves.

Discover the DermaGuard difference for yourself, now!

DermaGuard skin protector has been the answer to my prayers. Please don't stop selling this product; it certainly does work where others have failed.

E.M.F. Staffordshire

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