How to Use DermaGuard

When applying DermaGuard, the skin must be completely clean and dry. If you are currently using any other topical cream or moisturiser, we recommend that you do not use it in conjunction with DermaGuard. Use 1-2 ml. for the hands of an adult, this is approximately the size of the smallest coin. As for the rest of the body, we can say that a little goes a long way. If after applying the product it remains “wet” for more than one to two minutes, you have used too much. (If this has happened, simply rub off the excess onto another part of the body.) DermaGuard is safe for use on the entire body and face, and it is safe for infants. The protective properties of DermaGuard are effective for up to four hours.

DermaGuard remains effective after many washings and long exposure to water. When using the product on the hands, make sure that you take special care to cover the areas around the finger nails and cuticles. On the rest of the body, make sure you cover areas like skin folds. When you know you are going to be exposed to harsh substances, we recommend using two lighter applications as opposed to one heavy application.

DermaGuard can be ordered in five convenient sizes:

  • DermaGuard 100ml Personal Dispenser
  • DermaGuard 250ml Flip Top Dispenser
  • DermaGuard 250ml Pump-Action Dispenser
  • DermaGuard 500ml Pump-Action Dispenser
  • DermaGuard 500ml Refill

DermaGuard offers great economy, applied twice daily to the hands, a 500ml bottle will last approximately 12 weeks.