Allergy Sufferers

  • DermaGuard is a barrier to help prevent the penetration of the skin by everyday irritants that can cause inflammation, discomfort, skin breakdown and allergic reactions.


  • DermaGuard offers protection from most external irritants associated with eczema and dermatitis. It creates a double microfilm barrier which allows the skin to “breathe”.
  • Our customers have found that once all the irritating factors are minimized or removed, the skin starts to heal on its own.

Contact Dermatitis:

  • DermaGuard offers protection against materials associated with the issues of dermatitis.
  • DermaGuard can prevent the irritation from occurring in the first place.
  • Materials can include allergens in latex, metals, soaps, fibres, chemicals and adhesives, to name just a few.


  • DermaGuard acts as a barrier against the latex and its associated allergens.
  • DermaGuard helps prevent the maceration of the skin associated with latex gloves.
  • If irritation is already present, DermaGuard helps to prevent it from spreading and allows the skin to heal on its own.


  • DermaGuard can prevent rashes and skin discolouration to persons allergic to nickel, which is found in coins, most jewellery, bra fasteners, metal buttons (on jeans, etc.) and metal watch bands.

Household Chemicals:

  • DermaGuard acts as barrier against most of the chemicals used in and around the house. These can range from washing liquids, cleaning agents, harsh abrasives, and cleaning residue left in clothes during washing and dry cleaning.


  • DermaGuard is an effective barrier to water-induced reactions.
  • From the chlorine in swimming pools to working with wet hands or excessive hand washing.


  • DermaGuard protects the skin from many man made materials, such as latex and neoprene.
  • DermaGuard also helps to protect against the irritation from natural fibres such as animal fur, wools, cottons and from the chemicals often used to colour and treat these materials,

Each time DermaGuard is applied, it creates an invisible, non-greasy, fragrance free barrier which prevents irritants and potentially harmful substances from penetrating the hands and face – and other skin surfaces – for up to four hours.

What’s more, DermaGuard remains effective even after washing and long exposure to water.

DermaGuard is an ideal product for anyone to use regularly as a protector and enhancer of the skin.

Everyone with skin needs DermaGuard …!