How DermaGuard works

DermaGuard lotion is one of the most effective skin protection products on the market.

It gives superb protection from hundreds of harmful materials at home, during leisure activities, in the garden and at work.

At the same time, it moisturises, keeping skin soft and supple.

DermaGuard creates an invisible, non-greasy barrier which prevents irritants and potentially harmful substances from penetrating the hands – and other skin surfaces – for up to four hours. Skin continues to ‘breathe’ normally!

What’s more, DermaGuard remains effective even after washing and long exposure to water.

It is completely safe for use when preparing food and safe for use on children and infants. DermaGuard is an excellent preventative against nappy rash.

DermaGuard is an ideal product for health care workers and patients, industrial use, home use, in sports and sports medicine and creative endeavours.

Scientific tests carried out prove that DermaGuard doesn’t support bacteria, making it highly suitable for carers and for use in care homes and hospital/surgery environments.

DermaGuard also helps those with skin conditions such as eczema, contact dermatitis (latex allergies), skin allergies and the associated problems of maceration of the skin that are worsened by external irritants.

DermaGuard is non-greasy and once it is absorbed will not stain or ‘finger print’ fabric, photographs, paper, or interfere with the adhesive properties of tapes, glues etc. used in craftwork. DermaGuard actively prevents the allergic effects of nickel found in sewing needles, pins and thimbles, as well as coins and most jewellery.

DermaGuard helps protect the skin from the damaging aspects when working with flowers and plants. These materials include pesticides, weed killers, pollens, stains, adhesives and dyes.