Legal Disclosure

The Skin Care Company makes no claim to be a “cure” for any skin disorders. We offer to the public a product that offers protection from most external irritants and possible skin damaging materials.DermaGuard, like any skin product, will react differently on some people, the examples that we give are for the majority of those whom we have had use the product.

DermaGuard is distributed as a “cosmetic”, we make no medical or curative claims. We follow the basic guidelines of the implied warranty of merchantability. If the product is unusable or the packaging is unusable, we are happy to replace it for one that is useable. These conditions are entirely at the discretion of The Skin Care Company. We offer replacement guarantees on all our product. We try to represent the product as truthfully as possible, any misunderstanding or misuse of the product is wholly the responsibility of the user. The Skin Care Company takes no responsibility for misuse, misrepresentation or misunderstandings regarding the sale and/or use of any of its product.

While DermaGuard is an effective and useful barrier, it is in no way a replacement for good hygiene. We make no claims and strongly urge that DermaGuard is used as a supplemental, secondary means of protection when in contact with blood borne pathogens of any description. DermaGuard should not be used or considered a primary defense against pathogens of any type, blood borne or other. We recommend that latex or similarly tested gloves be used as the primary barrier to anything that might be considered “infectious” or otherwise bio-hazardous materials.