Customer Feedback

DermaGuard is used in a variety of environments, from the leading edge of technology and manufacturing to medical and dental personnel as well as the housewife and DIY’er in the home and garden and from the young to the elderly. DermaGuard has proved its worth in some of the most demanding work and recreational environments. While we can’t list everyone who benefits from it’s properties, we hope that the information on our web pages will show you some of the many uses and encourage you to try it in your own situation as well.

The following are excerpts from just a few of the many letters we receive every day from people who have discovered the amazing qualities of DermaGuard. We love to hear of all the ways that people use our product… what do you use YOUR DermaGuard for?

Thank you for giving me my hands back. I have suffered for years with dermatitis and they have been getting worse as I got older. I have been visiting a consultant at the hospital for 12 months and they have signed me off because they cannot do anything for me except offer me steroids. This I refused. After using your product for only two weeks I feel totally different. I can use my hands again thanks to you – and DermaGuard!

L.H. Northamptonshire

I developed eczema about two years ago and have tried various products plus all the usual steroid ointments from the doctor. After just two weeks of using DermaGuard my skin is much improved – softer and less itchy – and the red eczema patches have almost disappeared. I am delighted at the improvement – and with DermaGuard!

C.A.B. Co. Durham

DermaGuard is far and away the best hand cream I’ve ever used!

B.D. Worcestershire

DermaGuard… does exactly what it says on the label, which is exactly what I need when I am gardening.

M.P. Middlesex

For some considerable time I suffered with sore, swollen hands which was described as an allergy. I tried various creams and ointments all to no avail… DermaGuard skin protector has really been the answer to my prayers. Please don’t stop selling this product; it certainly does work where others have failed.

E.M.F. Staffordshire

My 7 month old son is so allergic to detergents and soap, that I felt like I was holding a baby alligator because his skin was so dry due to the detergents and the cortizone creams I was having to use. I have spent a small fortune on different lotions that are supposed to be great for sensitive skin… Well imagine my surprise when after just a couple of days, my son came home from daycare with beautiful skin that is baby soft instead of red and broken out just from leaning his head against someone who uses a different detergent… Thank you so much for your wonderful products.

S.B. Georgia

I have a rather severe skin allergy and DermaGuard seems to be the only lotion to soothe my skin and protect me from irritants. Even my doctor is amazed about it – after prescribing all of the well known medications to me for years!

Mrs S.H., Darlington

Through an incredible chance meeting, I was introduced to your product. I am a convert! My extraordinary dry skin is no longer suffering. Over the years, I have tried everything prescribed by my doctor with only temporary relief before the dryness sets in again. DermaGuard has changed that! My skin is now soft and supple. And what a good idea to make it un-fragranced and without that clinical smell… Thank you.

Ms K.B. Harrogate

My seven year old son suffers from severe eczema, mainly on the buttocks and back. My husband, who is supplied with DermaGuard in the workplace, brought some home and after three applications, it was obvious that my son was no longer suffering to the same extent….. I would like to thank you for having so promptly sent to me a bottle of the product and after a month of using it on my son’s affected areas, the eczema has virtually gone.

Mrs M.B., Buxton

…I have very hard skin on the soles of both feet, which can become very painful. For years, I have tried all kinds of skin moisturisers, to no avail. DermaGuard is the first one that has kept the hard skin away!…..wouldn’t be without it.

Mr P.S. Southall

…for the first time in years, I have finger nails! I am only an ordinary housewife and mother, but my hands and nails were a mess! No longer, thanks to DermaGuard.

S.O’C., Cork City

I work in a canteen providing meals to over six hundred workers… my hands are constantly in and out of water. Thank goodness for DermaGuard it does exactly what you say in the brochure and protects me from the water and has stopped my hands from being red raw…

Mrs D.B.E., Coventry

I have been using DermaGuard for about six months now and it has more than lived up to what you say in your brochure. For years, I have had a problem wearing jewellery – especially earrings – or with any type of metal fastener. Since using your product no more problems…

Miss W.P., Cardiff

Thank you for your immediate response to my request. My husband has had a very severe skin problem on his arms, legs and part of the abdomen for more than twenty years. He has been prescribed many different types of creams and lotions which haven’t made any long term impressions and have proved to be an enormous expense. Since using DermaGuard for just three weeks, we have seen such a significant improvement, that his consultant is convinced a complete recovery is now possible.

Mrs D.L., Weymouth

As a retired nursing sister… I am all too well aware that it is not uncommon even in this day and age, for ladies to develop a sore redness under their breasts or around their genitalia, caused by sweat etc. I myself, have been troubled by the latter for a very long time now. An application of DermaGuard twice daily, ensures that I am kept comfortable with no stinging when in the shower or bathroom… I would like to think that hospitals, old peoples homes etc. would benefit greatly by using this barrier lotion for general skin care as applied to the elderly… It is non-greasy, comfortable on the skin and really does last a long time.

(Name and address withheld by request.)

I am a specialist bread maker and due to my hands being in flour so much, for years now, I have been ashamed of people seeing them. Now that I am using DermaGuard my skin has become soft and supple and seemingly, is no longer affected by my daily bread making! I am also a keen swimmer and have found that by applying DermaGuard to my body, the skin is not affected by the chlorine in the water.

Mrs R.C., Knightsbridge, London

DermaGuard…..has turned my rough, dry skin into smooth and supple skin. The lotion has really helped as we are living in a mountainous area and the weather has a very drying effect. Thanks to DermaGuard I no longer have dry skin!

P.M., Quezon City

I used to have course and rough hands. In fact, I have a type of “kalyo” or corn on my hands. After using DermaGuard my hands became fine and soft to the touch.

G.F., Choi Hung

Many thanks for the prompt service… After only a few days of using the lotion, the skin cracks have healed and the skin has stopped flaking – even though my hands are almost constantly in cold water at work…

O.L., Halifax

…it’s saving me a fortune in buying hand lotions! I am a housewife and mother of two baby boys… well as looking after them, I like to do all my own housework and gardening – when I can. I have always used lotions, re-applying after every hand wash. Since having the babies, my hands never seem to be out of the water – and although I was still putting on my usual hand lotion, my hands were dreadful and I was ashamed at my husband, family and friends seeing just how rough they had become… A friend introduced me to DermaGuard and my problems are over! Now, the skin on my hands is as soft as the skin on my two boys! And just from two applications a day.

Mrs V.C., Berkhampstead

I have always suffered with sensitivities to many materials, especially my jewellery and cosmetics. Since I began using DermaGuard these problems have been pretty much removed from my life. Thank you for a great product.

Mrs R.G., Bucerias, Mexico

As a mechanic who works with aircraft and their components, I never really thought about my skin. After my wife brought DermaGuard home and convinced me to try it, I was sold and now I won’t go to work without using it. My hands clean up easily and feel great at the end of my work day.

Mr K.K., Dallas

The complete originals of these letters can be seen at the company’s head office.